Picture Book “Picks”!

If your house is anything like my house on the weekend, the discussion centers around everyone’s football picks for the week!  I thought I would steal the idea for today’s blog post and ask people to share out some of their favorite read aloud picture books they have used so far this year.  Many of the books I have shared with my class so far have focused on behaviors and other “big ideas” that we needed to discuss to get our classroom community established.

Our first big unit in literacy involves realistic fiction, so I will not be looking to pick books that really help me teach those elements.  I’d love to hear what books YOU have “picked”–and for what reason!  For example . . .

We are reading “Shredderman” as our read aloud and are finding nifty words in it that we don’t know and are making a chart.
Not a single of my students knew the word “assertive” or what it meant so . . .

I picked this book . . . read it to them the next day and asked, “Why do you think I selected this book today?”  They had great ideas, but it took 10 minutes before one little one said, “I think it’s because Katie Sue was assertive–like in Shredderman yesterday.”  Whew.
So . . . I’d love to know . . . What books have you shared with your class this year–and WHY?  Why were they “top picks” for you?  I hope you picked better books than I picked football games this week!  Ouch!