Setting the Tone for Math Workshop!

I am SO excited to be guest blogging over at The Cornerstone for Teachers…I know many of you have been asking for more and more and more about math workshop–so I have kicked off this series of posts with one about “Setting the Tone for Math Workshop”.  I would love for you to stop by Angela’s blog and check it out.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you are definitely going to want to hang out for a while.  She has some GREAT content!  Just click the picture below to take you there!
But wait…before you do…
I would LOVE for you to chime in about what you would MOST like to see covered in some blog posts about math workshop!  Here are a few of my ideas–but would love to hear what YOU are looking for!

1.  How
can I try something “math workshop-y” without revamping everything?

2.  How
do I make groups?

3.  How
do I make sure students are getting exactly what they need?

4.  What
should students be working on?

5.  What do I do for my advanced students?

6.  “But I have to use my textbook…what do I do?”

So…how do these sound?  What other questions might you have?
OK…NOW you can click the picture to take you to my blog post about “WHY do math workshop–and how do I get my students ready for it?”
I’d love to hear your feedback!




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