Valentine’s Day Planning? Me too!

Next week is a little crazy for me…a field trip one day, a sub another.  As I get going on my planning, I thought I’d share some of the products I am going to use next week–maybe some will help you!  To make life easier, I’m putting them all on sale through the 14th.  Yes, this post is a shameless product plug.  Tune in tomorrow for “Loved That Lesson” linky…catch some great lesson ideas.  I’m writing about a close reading lesson I did.
So–ready for the shameless Valentine’s Day Product Plug Post?
LORDY!  One of my first products–so ugly!  I should revamp it…but the problems are good.  I promise!  I am using these as both homework this week (we are reviewing large number multiplication) as as a part of the problem solving station. 

Another early one–but my students LOVE it!  I got all 4 fourth grades to do it so we have nearly 100 book reviews hanging in our hall for students to read.   Last year I did it with my class and it made an adorable door decoration.
You’ve maybe seen this one lately…my students started it last week and have LOVED it.  I had students taking it home and working on it with friends.  No lie!
These are in my problem solving station all next week.  Students will work on these during math workshop.  Each problem has an “extra” part for easy differentiation.
We’ve been playing these since last week.  I sent some of  the black and white copies home for students to play at home as replacement homework.  My students play them all the time…for indoor recess, math workshop, and even when they aren’t supposed to be.  Ooops.
These are a few fun activities that we will do on Friday afternoon as part of our “Friendship Celebration”.  Some word work…some math…a writing prompt.  We won’t do them all, but I will offer them up as choices during that last 45 minutes of the day.
Want those last three and a HUGE savings?  All 3 are bundled for only $6 until Valentine’s Day.  
So anyway…here are some of the things I am using next week–to teach my curriculum and to have a little fun, too!  So I am sheepishly hanging my head in shame at the plug–and hoping the fact that I put it all on sale makes it a little more tolerable.  Happy planning!