Summer Reading: The Annual Summer Children’s Lit reading list!

Now that my school year is finished (except for a few days of data retreat next week–don’t be too jealous!), it’s time to work on my LIST MAKING!  I have already made lists of lists…but the one that is the most fun every summer is the…

The list is long…from picture books to some favorite rereads to some new ones.  I am always looking to read what is new so that I can guide my readers to “good fit” books.  Just like at the beginning of the year when I ask my students to fill out some “Books I Want to Read” forms…I do the same for myself!

I asked my students for recommendations this year, and here are a few they pulled off the shelf for me!  

Others that made their list?
*The Lemonade War
*Genius Files
*Out of My Mind
*Umbrella Summer
*11 Birthdays
*My Life as a Book
*Wolf Brother
*Dork Diaries
*Zeek Meek books (one of my most reluctant readers LOVED these!  I had never heard of them…I put the link below so you can see what they are all about!)
Now, some of these are “rereads” for me, but I do like to keep them fresh in my mind–especially when I read them with the difficulty level in mind.  This summer I also have a stack of easier chapter books to read for this same reason…from Puppy Place to George Brown, Class Clown, to the new “Disaster” books from Scholastic to some of the “I Survived” books!  I also have “I Funny” ready to go and some of my Facebook followers have suggested books as well including “The Gollywhopper Games”, “The Year of Billy Miller”, “The Fault in Our Stars”, and “The Evolution of Capurnia”.  
There are so many other new AND classic books worth picking up this summer–whether it be for the first time or as a familiar reread. So…what’s on your bedside table?  What are YOU most excited to read this summer?  Let’s build a great list and get tons of new suggestions from each other.  My goal is to read at least 50 new children’s books this summer…let’s hear from you!  


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