The answers to the test!

Well, I promised you the answers to the test, so here we go!
1.  True!  On our family trip to the Dominican Republic last year, my son begged us to go zip lining. I tried to convince him that a nice jeep tour of the island would be a good idea. He refused.  As completely petrified as I was, it was one of the coolest experiences ever.
2.  If you saw a current picture of me, you would never believe it but it is true! My students laughed hysterically when I read the question so it gave me great pleasure to tell them that it was, indeed, the truth! I won’t tell you what year in the 1980s this big event happened…
3.  False!  No allergies!
4.  I did! I lived in England and actually did my student teaching in first grade there. I had 31 first-graders and only two spoke English. The rest were immigrants from Pakistan… It was quite an experience.
5.  Um.  No.
6.  It was hysterical. Almost all of my students thought this was true. In fact, when I showed my husband the list, he asked me if it was true! Really? I think not.  I have my pride.
7.  Nope.  The funniest part was that one of my students shouted out after I told them that I did live in England that it was no wonder I had to speak four languages. Ha ha. I then led a small discussion about how the main language of England is… English.
8.  True!  I started my college career in architecture school!
9.  This one is true even though my son told me I was lying because every time I have to do it I complain. I told him to hush.
10.  Yup!  It was our other Dominican Republic adventure.  Absolutely terrifying.
11.  Ew.  Pizza, please.
12.  Nope!  Just 2!  (If you count husband and cat then maybe…)
Watch for classroom updates this weekend–lots of “first week” adventures!