The Week in Review!

Happy weekend!
I’m sure some of you are winding down your spring break, still others are just getting going, and some (LIKE ME!) have another week to navigate before getting a much-needed break.
I thought I’d share a few pics from my week…we were busy and had quite a bit of fun sprinkled in!
To cap off our immigration studies, we had an ethnic food tasting party!  We had everything from homemade egg rolls to kielbasa to kuchen to pork flautas!  Every single child tried at least ONE new food!
In math, fast finishers worked on “Marco’s Money Problem” and had some great discussions about how he should get enough money for his new gaming system.  CLICK HERE to see the resource this comes from!
We have been doing some test prep (not much because I don’t really believe in it–but our new tests are online so we HAD to give the students some experience) so we took a break and did some creativity exercises along the way.  Aren’t some of these GREAT?!?!  These are from THIS RESOURCE.
We finished reading “Flutter”, wrote summaries (more on that later!) and created these great butterflies to hang on our door.  
Up next week?  Geometry–and we kicked off with a review sort!  This is the first of five geometry sorts found HERE.
Now…just one more thing!  Don’t forget that my entire store is on sale through tonight…so do a little spring cleaning of that wish list before it’s over!  Have a great weekend, everyone!