Baby steps…classroom prep day 4

I do NOT know why I cannot seem to get moving this year…everything is taking me far too long.  After coming home from an unsuccessful, unproductive day on Thursday, I made myself a HUGE to do list–2 pages long!  Hopefully that will keep me more focused when I go in on Monday!
Here’s a few photos to show the little bit I DID get done!
Popsicle sticks with names are made for our “People Picker”!
My pencil jug is filled…so students can get birthday pencils and more!
Outside the classroom, our “Who in the world”is in our class bulletin board.
Name tags are on desks.  (Now available in my store…CLICK HERE)
In the process, I created 3 different areas that look like this.
I am TERRIBLE!  I have bins and boxes and piles EVERY YEAR. 
I left feeling pretty defeated–and I am vowing that on Monday I am going to purge piles and cupboards and bins.  I need to remember also that I spent 2 hours of my day going through student files and making a spreadsheet of data from testing…so THAT did get accomplished!
So…remember that there are still a few days left to enter my giveaways and read those blog posts and maybe you can have a better day than me!  Stay tuned for an update–and check the blog tomorrow for a very interesting opportunity!