Bargain Shoppin’!

As many of you know, today and tomorrow is the big “3,000,000 Strong” sale over at TpT.  When shopping, if you use the TPT3 code, you can get up to 28% off items!  I am pretty excited about how close I am to my 2,000 follower milestone, so I am extending mine through Saturday as well–so Thursday and Friday you get MY 20% off plus the bonus sale at TpT.  On Saturday you can STILL get 20% off my store!  Click below to go right to my store!

I have created quite a few products in the last few months that I am using in my classroom, so I thought I’d show them to you in case you wanted to snag them while they are on sale!

1.  My latest is a series of “Amazing Human Body Word Problems”.  I teach human body so they are just want I need–but I am pretty sure I would use them even if I didn’t.  My students LOVE cool “real world” facts, and these really stress multiplication so they are perfect for fourth and fifth grade.

2.  My Select-a-Size addition CGI problems…I am using these in a problem solving intervention group where the students struggle with problems with the variable moves–instead of 32 + 26 = ___, they need to solve 32 + __ = 58.  The best part of these problems in my opinion is that you (or the students) can choose from 3 different levels of numbers so they are already differentiated!  My first grade friend has been using them in her classroom as well with the single digit numbers!

3.  My latest novel study, “Number the Stars”.  I’m super happy with how this turned out–it is NOT a novel study of crosswords and vocabulary pages.  It is meant to help you as a teacher help THEM dig in to a text, think deeply, and write about what they find.  I love it–and I think there will be more in this series, so I am taking suggestions!

4.  This product was kind of a whim–I was getting everything ready and thought I’d throw it out there.  People are finding it SUPER helpful!  If you are looking for an organized way to help your students learn their math facts, this might be the tool to help you really identify what facts they don’t know!

5.  I wanted to find a way for my students to practice addition and subtraction in math workshop that didn’t need ME and could be used all year long and by students at all different levels.  That is how the “Toss and Solve” resource was born!  If people find it helpful, multiplication and division will be on their way!

Stop back tomorrow where I’ll highlight a few of my top sellers that you might not now about!

Anyhoo–hope all of you have a great day–it’s supposed to b -40 wind chills again today, so yet another day of indoor recess.  I can do it–RIGHT?