Friday Favorites and Reflections

Yesterday I showcased a few of my most recent products, but I thought today I’d bring back a few of my “favorite” things for Friday!

I have a few favorite blog posts that I am linking to as well as a few favorite products.  I hope you find something useful as you head into the weekend.  Just a reminder that the TpT sale goes on until tonight–and my sale continues through Saturday.  If you buy today–don’t forget to enter the TPT3 code for extra savings!

One of my favorite blog posts of all times was actually not that long ago on the night before my latest student teacher started when I was reflecting about teaching and what a noble profession we all immerse ourselves in.  With so much negativity out there, we need to keep our eye on the prize.  Miss that post?  CLICK HERE to check it out!

Another favorite post is one I wrote as we were digging into the the book “Wonder”.  Although the post itself isn’t a work of literary genius (who am I fooling–none of mine are!), this book evoked such an outpouring of mature thinking and literary brilliance in my class last year, that I keep the book perched on my desk as a reminder of what students are capable of doing when we give them rich learning experiences.  Want to read more?  CLICK HERE!

Here’s a third one you might have missed…I post SO much about math and literacy–that sometimes I need to regroup and remind myself that the entire reason we teach math and literacy is so that students can make sense of their world and function in it!  This post was about how I try to teach students to THINK in every subject…and this one is all about the scientific method–an easy, meaningful lesson for anyone to try!  CLICK HERE if you missed that one!

Looking back over all those blog posts got me thinking about how much work goes into teaching–and how much I love being in the classroom helping my students create meaning.  I have dozens and dozens of resources in my store, but my favorite ones are the products that really help students think and make sense of the world.  I thought I’d share a few of them here in case you haven’t ever checked them out.  Thanks for indulging me!

This was seriously one of the biggest undertakings EVER…but I take a huge amount of pride in how many teachers I have helped teach fractions in a more constructivist, meaningful way!
I have begun doing more and more concept sorts with my students, and I have seen the level of math understanding go up and up.  More are in the works!
Many people use exit slips, but this resource not only helps teachers understand a formative assessment technique they might not have used–but also gives them a bunch of ready-to-use forms for any subject!

This resource has sold more copies than any other resource in my store!  Not only can it help teachers get to the heart of teaching historical fiction, but it give EXPLICIT directions on how I set up book clubs in my class…something that can extend beyond just historical fiction.
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday…thanks for stopping by as I reflect on some of my work from the last year!  Stop back in the next week for blog posts on CGI math, Google docs (L-O-V-E!) and more!