Five Favorite Read Aloud Books

Five Read Aloud Books to Try

This was a hard list to put together, so I thought I would just pick 5 of my favorite read aloud books. Maybe I’ll throw another 5 out there another day! I am excited about the read aloud I am starting next week, “Flutter”, but for now–here are 5 tried and true read alouds for middle elementary!  It would be great if others would chime in with some other favorites!

I use this one during our electricity unit, and we love watching how kids solve problems adults created! We work on visualizing and we talk TONS about character traits and try to really empathize with the characters.  “Greed” is a big part of this book so we get some great discussions going on this topic…many students choose to read farther in the series.


I’m biased…I have had contact with this author since before she became famous so I am biased–but this book moved me the first time I read it–well before it won the Newbery.  It is a tricky read aloud as one character doesn’t speak.  You’ll figure it out–I tapped my white board as I read his parts to show that HE was pointing to a communication device.  LOTS of great messages.  Being a mom of a child with autism, this one hits close to home.


This is always my first read aloud of the year–it is a series of 4 books which I love because I can hook kids. It has MANY things to talk about, especially with respect to bullying and how people choose to handle bullying.

Oh…The Tiger Rising

I read this book three times before reading it aloud and disliked it each time. It was recommended to me as a part of our new literacy program and all our 4th grade teachers were reading it so I caved.  My. Kids. Were. Captivated.  We got into symbolism, comparing, character traits and more.  My kids STILL say things like, “She is acting just like Sistine did!” and so on.  Powerful story.

If you want to read more about my thoughts about this book, CLICK HERE to read an entire post about it!


I love Tuck!  I am not a huge fantasy person, so this is one that I can dig into. . . we talk about what it would be like to live forever–and we really dig into the idea of perspective and point of view–there is always another side of the story.  Every time I read this we get into the topic of “Who owns land?”–and it ties back to the explorers and Native Americans and how our history has always placed value on owning land.  Great book–an oldie but goodie.

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By the way–a few of you wanted more information on the writing unit we did this week!  I am posting it in my store tonight for those of you who were interested.  Have a great weekend!  Here is the link . . .