SPRING into a great book!

After spending too many minutes staring down the hideous and still huge snow heaps piled everywhere, I decided it was time to take action!  Down came the last remaining winter decorations and I informed the class that we were going to BRING SPRING!

We like making hallway displays that get students talking, so we decided to make another book review project, much like the Valentine’s Day one.  We brainstormed a list of things that make books “GROW” on us and then set to work writing mini book reviews of a book the students thought might grow on someone else!

After we planning, drafted, and revised those–we got our creative juices flowing!

I made some tracers for students to use to make different shaped petals, but I encourage them to make their own as well!  The class was buzzing with excitement and talk about spring–it was wonderful!
A few students wanted to stay in at lunch to make other “Spring Things” like clouds, suns, bees, and the like so I shrugged and thought, “Why not!”
So . . . here it is!  Our attempt to bring a little something warm and toasty to our dismal climate!  What do you think?  I printed off a springy saying, mounted it on springy paper, and made this springy display!

I couldn’t get zoomed in enough to get the “SPRING into a great book” without losing the flowers.  I also printed off “These books will really GROW on you!” . . .  I couldn’t decide which I liked better.  If you want a quick and easy bulletin board–give it a try!  I zipped my petal tracers and flower centers and printable letters into a quick and easy bulletin board set if you are interested.  I put both sayings in it so YOU can decide!  Have a great day!