Happiness is “Chillin’ with a good book”!

I have done this project every year for quite some time, and I have to say–I don’t know who loves it more, my students or me!  I love that I can have fun with my students, can encourage creativity, BUT can reinforce the writing skills we have focused on so far this year.  Our previous unit was opinion writing and we are now deeply in the trenches with informational writing–so what a great way to revisit the idea of stating a “claim” and giving reasons to prove it!  This isn’t your traditional book report–but we now have 25 great recommendations above our lockers for others to read and enjoy–and I have to say, they look pretty cute (and can stay up until March if needed!  HA!)
I rotated my students through a tracing station with different sized circles for tracing and reminded them of the size of their “final copy” circle–they needed to make sure their bottom “bump” was large enough for their writing piece.  I also reminded them that the space above our lockers was limited so we had a 
“measuring station” as well so students could check the height of their new friends before it was too late!
Each student picked a  much-loved book or series to write about–they drafted in their notebook and a parent volunteer and I were each able to get to every student to make sure everything was spelled correctly and that the writing made good sense.  We made sure there was a decent topic sentence and that the reasons that followed supported their opinion.  While they were waiting for their conferences, they created their snowperson!
The students had a blast naming their snowpeople, getting creative (yes, some have facial hair), and just enjoying the process.  It’s always amazing to me when the directions are minimal how many students struggle…
“Can it have 2 bumps or 3?”  Whatever you want.
“Can it be a girl?”  Whatever you want.
“Can I make my nose stick out like it’s 3D?”  Whatever you want.
Don’t get me wrong–I had my limit pushers.  
“Can it have a weapon?”  What do YOU think?
“Can it be just one bump?”  What do you think?
“Can I make it yellow?”  Don’t go there.
So after an hour or so, we had drafts, final copies, and MOST projects were complete and ready to be displayed.  
Anyhoo…we get lots of compliments on our creations…and if you want the template and the letters to display, I have put it together in a little resource.  Talk about an instant display, right?  Have a wonderful Friday and thanks for stopping by!