It’s Already August–Time for a New “Special”!

I cannot believe it’s already August. 

August means the end of the summer is near.

August means that my hopes, dreams, and plans for all I was going to accomplish are now staring me right in the face and MOCKING ME.  

It’s the same every year. . . I have high hopes for getting my life organized during the summer and then August comes and I stare at the calendar like I can’t quite understand how it all happened . . .  how another summer has nearly come and gone and my life hasn’t gotten figured out.

So.  It’s August 1 and I am making lists.  To do lists for projects at home that I have avoided.  To do lists for school stuff that I vowed to work on over the summer and haven’t.  To do lists for all the appointments that I was going to get taken care of this summer to make life easier when school starts.  Please tell me that someone else finds themselves in this situation every year.  Humor me.

Here is my list for today.  I MUST get it all finished so I must stay focused!  You will notice that I “checked” off write today’s blog post before I got it done.  That’s against my rules of list making, but I couldn’t bear to have a totally blank list on my blog!  I am now jumping to the BOTTOM of my list to update my blog because today is the first day of the last month of summer–and as promised, I have a new special to celebrate with you!  The June special is long gone . . . the July special is in the books . . . and now it’s time for August.
I like to call my August special the “Mystery Markdown”!  Every day in August, at least one of my products will be marked down 50%.  There won’t be any special announcements most days or blog posts stating which item it will be (although there may be hints sometimes!).  I thought it might be a fun way to help get people familiar with my store and the items in it AND allow you to get a bunch of resources for a great price.
I hope you like it and can find some good deals.  I’ll be nice and tell you today’s product!  
So–it’s August 1.  It’s time to regroup!  Some of you are starting school within the next few days–others within the next few weeks.  Let’s make the most of any time you have left!