It’s August “Eve” and the classroom prep begins!

It’s started.  Those days of saying, “You should really go to your classroom and check it out–you packed up in a hurry and it could be reallllllly bad.”  I ignored myself for a few weeks and finally caved the other day.
Guess who forgot to leave the custodians a room map? That’s right.  Me.  Our custodians are great-and they like to have a map to put things back just right.  No map?  They leave it all in the middle of the room until they get information.  I didn’t feel like waiting so I dug in.  Ready for day 1’s “photo stream”?  HERE GOES!

What I walked into…no–I didn’t finish taking down boards last year.  I may just leave them.  I love that we can leave our paper/fabric up.  I haven’t taken it down in 7 years.
I decided to move my library into my back “nook”.  This is where it was when I first moved in the room 7 years ago and then I switched it a few years ago.  I’m indecisive…we’ll see if it’s still here at the end of August.
Are you kidding?  This is literally ONE HOUR after arriving!  Notice the box of Pringles sticks in the foreground.  I think I ate four packs in three hours.
TWO hours in.  I hate that I make more mess trying to get organized.
My 7 year old black paper is coming down–and being replaced with fabric.  BIG job but so worth it.
And….not quite enough fabric.  CURSES!
UGH…cutting fabric around obstructions–not fun.
So…I left the room in a TOTAL shambles.  I’ll be brave and go back one day next week…with a crystal clear “to do” list–and more snacks.  Thanks for taking a sneak peek!