Mathematical Thinking–Literacy Style!

Some people may call it an addiction, but I like to think I have a healthy appreciation for professional books.  I mean, addiction implies that there is something damaging, right?  Granted, my wallet may be suffering a little bit, but I think overall it is a pretty harmless addiction to have!

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a firm believer in pushing children’s mathematical thinking. I strive to find ways to help my students build their understanding while having fun and still being able to apply their new skills.  I am a huge fan of the standards for mathematical practice, and truly believe that all concepts we teach should be taught through the lens of those practices.

I am also a believer in trying to make connections across content area, which is why I continue to support the math is real life linky party that happens the first Wednesday of every month. If you are a blogger who teaches math, I highly encourage you to consider writing a post for this great link up!  Watch for my post next Wednesday on a real-life math topic . . . and I won’t drop too many hints, but it might have to do with another one of my “addictions”.  We’d love for you to link up any posts YOU have written that show how math is used in the real world!  

But let me get back on track. A book I read a few years ago was very impactful for me and really helped get me thinking about how to step away from whole class math instruction. Guided Math by Laney Sammons is a great, easy to read professional book that might give you some clues as to how to begin the process of shifting away from whole class instruction. She keeps things real and talks in “teacher talk”–a nice change of pace from some other recent books on mathematics instruction.  She has a new book out now that has me pretty excited! Teachers have talked about reading strategies for years, and the standards for mathematical practice have been a great way for teachers to begin thinking about thinking in math class.  This book takes the concept of literacy strategies and plops them right into math class!  From vocabulary instruction to questioning strategies to visualization–Sammons shows how to make math instruction more meaningful.

I am SUPER excited to get reading, and I will definitely be posting as I go!  Feel free to pick up a copy for yourself and join the discussion!  I don’t think you will be disappointed–Laney has a very “easy-to-read” style!
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