Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone!  It’s “Day 2” of the weekend, and I worked ALL DAY yesterday on cool stuff for the blog!  Next week at this time I think you are going to have some fun with my blog posts!

Today is report card day, so I am going to gather myself some snacks, caffeine, pain relievers, and a positive attitude–my goal is to get half of the standards done today.  I have my lovely data binder handy so I’m going to do all the ones where my numbers are ready to go!

Tomorrow is my post over on ATUE so tune in for that and WEDNESDAY is the “real life math linky” so if YOU have a blog post about how you have used math in the “real world” we would love it if you would join up with us!

Finally, it’s November now so I have finished up my “Seasonal Word Problem” resource for Thanksgiving.  This follows the format of all my other word problem sets–each problem in 3 formats. . . for math journals, 4 problems on a page to use as assessment, homework, or for cooperative problem solving–and then the one problem on a page with a place for students to explain their thinking. Like the others, it comes with 3 Standards for Mathematical Practice rubrics so you can measure not only how well your students understand the math, but also the ever important “behaviors” needed to be successful at math.  Hope you like it!