More “Real Life Math”–At the Orchard this time!

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If you have been following along the last few months, you know that I am a firm believer in helping students see that math is “real world” and that all the math they are learning has real application. This month my inspiration was the apple orchard as my family and I L-O-V-E fresh apples . . . especially honey crisps!

So when I walked into our local orchard to buy my first bag (too lazy to pick my own this day), I noticed all the handmade signs and prices and thought, “Shoot–I only have $20 . . . what can I get?”  Bingo!  A math problem!

Look at all the choices!  
OOOOOH . . .
And even more treats . . .
Here’s what I was REALLY looking for!

So my question became one of “How will I spend my twenty dollars?”  I had planned on only buying honeycrisp apples, but now the choices seem far more complicated!  So–here’s a great problem to present to your class!  In fact . . . grab a freebie to help out if you want!