I’ll let the photos do the talkin’!

6 ipads and 6 wireless keyboards!
My trusty charging station!

UGH…love the reflection in the ipad! 
HEHE . .  of my six rainbow colored covers!

So now the fun begins–I have a few apps loaded on, but I have SO much learning to do!  From figuring out how to best utilize six of them in the room, to figuring out how to save document/photos and so on to our network, to teaching the students about how to use them–the journey starts now!

I would LOVE to hear all the different ways you use ipads in the classroom, how your organize things, what apps you love, what blog posts or articles you think I might find helpful–ANYTHING!  I know I need to start small, but now that I have them, I feel a sense of urgency to get them used productively.
By the way–just wanted to let you know that I did post a set of seasonal word problems yesterday if anyone is interested.  I think I will do a similar set for some of the upcoming holidays as well.  I’m using them next week as warm ups!