Narrative Writing: Starting off a unit on the right foot!

As many of you might have seen either here or on Facebook, I am one of the twelve collaborators on a new blog called “Upper Elementary Snapshots”.  Yesterday was my first official post over there, and I’d love to have you stop by and check it out!  Just click our great logo to take you right to the post.  While you are there, if you haven’t followed us on Bloglovin’ or Facebook, take some time to do that to make sure you don’t miss a post!
It’s all about how I dug into our realistic fiction writing unit–and made sure I really slowed down so we end up with a great project at the end!
As for me, I am getting ready for another busy week of school–and I am sure you are too.  We are wrapping our our huge mapping unit pretty soon, and I have started working on my MEGA mapping resource that is going to take me forever to make!  UGH!  Still, I think it will be unlike any resource you have ever seen, so I hope you will all like it when it’s finished.  Stay tuned…and stop back often this week to check out the other goodies I have going on in my classroom!
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