Nifty News and Productivity Galore!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I am getting the feeling that many of you are finishing up your last days of school…still a few weeks left for me but I PROMISE to not be too upset with the rest of you–as long as you don’t gloat too terribly much!

I spent a huge chunk of my Saturday (did I mention that it was 85 degrees and sunny here in Wisconsin?) cleaning in my disaster area of a classroom.  I filled a recycling barrel 2/3 full…it was VERY satisfying.  I even got some work done on report cards and some of my data entered into “The Spreadsheet”.  The list is still ridiculously long, but I felt amazingly productive.

Next on my list?  Writing a feedback paragraph to each of my students about their informational writing projects.  This was a biggie…and man–my eyes started to swim after a while!  I really wanted to focus on whether or not they were able to write in different text structures and if they were able to do self and peer revisions and editing.  Overall–not too shabby!

Next on the list for today…scoring reader’s notebooks for their social issues book clubs.  Before we even started these book clubs, I told the students that they would be picking their best 3 entries for me to evaluate.  We worked hard to define what a quality entry would look like…and now it’s time for me to see what they did.  I have a sense for them as we used these entries to guide our discussions during book clubs…but I am super curious to see which 3 entries they each chose!

FINALLY…I have some fun news!  I hit 2,000 followers on Facebook which just kind of blows me away.  I know some of you have been clicking “share” on some of my posts which is so cool because I think that has really brought me new followers–so THANKS a ton.  To say “thanks” to all of you, I decided to run a June “special”…only those of you who follow me here or on FB are going to see it, and I sure hope some of you can use it!  I won’t be running a full store “sale” in June…but instead I will be offering THIS for any purchases made in June (not good on previous purchases, sorry!):
I am SO excited about a bunch of new products that will be published by the end of the month, so this might be a perfect way to get your hands on some at a REALLY reduced price.  Thanks again for all your support…some days I really do feel like I’m dreaming that people actually click on my links to read my ramblings!  Stop by tomorrow for my “Monday Made It”!