Texts on Tuesdays have begun! Notice and Note!

Today is the first Tuesday of June and the beginning of an exciting summer of professional reading on Tuesdays!  Today is the kick off of the book study on “Notice and Note” hosted by many top bloggers.
If you haven’t done any professional reading recently, you will know that close reading is one of the new buzzwords circulating around the field of education. The authors of this book are certainly experts on the topic!  The first section of the book tackles some philosophical issues related to reading as our world is changing and what we as educators need to do to keep up.  Want to know more? Make sure to head over to Dilly Dabbles today so that you can see some more details about this part of this wonderful professional book!
My biggest “hmmmm” while reading this section was rethinking my OWN thoughts about student devices in the classroom.  Should fourth graders be allowed to bring e-readers, ipods, and so on for reading time?  What message does it send to those who are not financially in a place to do so–does this create an even greater “haves vs have nots” in our classrooms?  Conversely…if students HAVE such tools, shouldn’t they be allowed to use them?  I’d love to know your thoughts…I’m still wrestling!  
This just scratches the surface…so check out other links about this text to see more thoughts!