Teaching Geometry Lessons and Concepts

Teaching geometry lessons through task cards is engaging, low prep, and perfect for both in person and distance learning!Teaching Geometry

Geometry is often one of the trickiest concepts for teachers to teach—and so often our textbooks and other resources either present things too quickly or in a way that simply isn’t engaging enough or with enough practice opportunities. Geometry actually crosses content areas—both measurement and geometry!  I have had SO many teachers ask me for support in teaching geometry, especially since many of them feel their own training in this area wasn’t strong.
So I thought about what would help the most–and with the way the world of teaching is ever-evolving, I wanted something flexible.  I knew it needed to help teachers make short, focused lessons.  Creating task cards with helpful teaching tips seemed to be the way to go.  They can be used “in person” or digitally.  They have different problem types which can lead to different minilessons.  By including a ton of teaching background and helpful hints, I felt like each set was almost like a little professional development opportunity.  Because each set can turn into several minilessons, the entire series could essentially form the foundation for an entire geometry unit–or two smaller units.  Low prep.  High reward.

How Can I Use These?

Consider the following:
  • Use some of the cards as math warm ups or teaching points.  Seriously–each of the problem types (most sets have 4) could EASILY turn into minilessons where you teach, use one or two cards to model, and then assign the rest.
  • Use as a review station.  Already taught this but feel you want to spiral back and review?
  • Use as an intervention tool for students needing more practice.  Sometimes students need a different format than is presented in textbooks and other resources, and these task cards could be exactly that “second dose” your students need.
  • Use as a cooperative or partner activity.  Sometimes the math talk that happens in small group work leads to a much more in-depth understanding!
  • Use some of the cards for quick assessment checks.  I know it seems odd–but you can use SOME of the cards instructionally and then reserve some to use as an assessment!
  • Use in upper grades or with other students needing below-grade level interventions.  Although these cards are a perfect match for fourth grade standards, we all know that we have older students who have gaps in this area.  These cards could be a perfect way to get them up to speed so they are ready for their grade-level content.Using geometry task cards in math workshop, as math intervention, as math warm ups...all are great ways to teach students key geometry lessons.

Here are some MORE options for you!

  • Print the cards (either full page or quarter page), laminate, and have students use wipe-off markers.
  • Print the cards in black and white to use as “worksheets” where students can draw directly on the paper.
  • Use colored task cards for visuals and the included black and white recording slides to record work.
  • Consider using spiral notebooks to sketch and record solutions.
  • Use digitally where students use drawing tools to make shapes and draw lines.
  • Project onto an interactive whiteboard where students can model their thinking on the screen.

Teaching Geometry:  Digitally!

I hate to even mention this, but one advantage to using at least SOME of the cards digitally is that there are so many benefits beyond simply the convenience.  I have tried to create the cards with different types of questions–which is so helpful for test prep.  Being able to share cards with students who are unable to be at school for any reason is a HUGE benefit.  Helping students learn some of the digital skills such as adding text boxes, moving lines, drawing shapes, and so on are HUGE advantages.

Using digital slides to help teach geometry lessons for 4th grade is perfect for distance learning, keeping students engaged, and so much more!

Using digital slides to help teach geometry concepts is perfect for distance learning, keeping students engaged, and so much more!

So…if you know that you need some new ideas and support with teaching geometry, I would LOVE for you to check these out!  There are 6 sets in the collection, including a bundle of all six at a discounted price-. This can be perfect to help guide your instruction this year.  Click HERE or the image below to get started.

Teaching geometry lessons can be so much easier with this bundle of geometry activities to teach so many standards-based geometry concepts

Looking for more geometry resources to add to your collection?

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