Place Value: Everything You Need to Know!

It’s a round-up of place value blog posts to get you excited about teaching this essential concept!A round up of blog posts with great place value lessons and number sense activities

Many teachers start the year working on place value concepts, but it’s truly a topic that we cycle through all year long in increasing sophistication!  Remember, place value is a complex topic that develops as a progression from the very first days in school (or earlier!) to much more advanced mathematics.  Check out this list and see how critical this concept is! If there is a break down at any stage, we run the risk of creating gaps for future learning.

Place Value Progression

  1. In the early grades, a huge focus is on the idea that we can build numbers up to 10, and then “add more” to make bigger numbers.
  2. Students then begin to see how addition and subtraction work together to make (compose) and break (decompose) these numbers into parts.
  3. We see students using objects to “show” these stories.  Gradually, we want them to represent them with numbers and symbols.
  4. As students develop a better understanding of our place value system, we want them to be flexible enough to add or subtract 10 from a number.  This shows a critical understanding of the ones and tens places.
  5. Once students have developed this understanding, we introduce the hundreds place and go through these steps again with these larger numbers.
  6. We also want students to learn about estimating and rounding so they can check work for reasonableness.
  7. We want students to be able to represent numbers in different ways. This could involve manipulatives, number lines, or other models.
  8. As students develop their place value understanding through the hundreds place, we continue to push the addition and subtraction concepts with these numbers.  Again, we stress the idea of composing and decomposing using these different places.
  9. Eventually, we hope the solid place value understanding leads to addition and subtraction fluency.
  10. As students get older, we expect understanding of “place value” for even larger numbers, and then “parts” of numbers with decimals and fractions.

Some Math Lesson Ideas and Motivation for You!

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Teaching estimation as a part of place value assessment

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Using number lines to help students model their place value thinking is key! Check out this blog post with ideas on number line lessons and more!

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Developing number sense and place value understanding with number lines

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