Thinking About Test Prep

Today is my day to post over on Elementary Chalkboard…I’d love for you to stop by and check out my post about MEANINGFUL test prep that doesn’t consume you OR your students!  Just click the image to take you there!
By the way…if you haven’t joined my on Periscope yet, I’d love to see you!  I am working to share “live blog posts” to really try to make my blogging life more interactive.  It’s super easy…
Just download the Periscope app (TOTALLY free), create your log in, and get started!  I’m still a really small fish in the Periscope Sea–but I am really hoping to provide GOOD content for my viewers…free professional development on the fly!  Not sure how it works?  Get the app, find me (@FourthGrStudio), follow me, and then check for replays.  They are only available on Periscope for 24 hours, but I am creating a video library of them which can be accessed later.  More to come!
If you catch me live, feel free to ask questions, add comments, say “hello”, and–for some bizarre reason–tap your screen when you see or hear something you like!   Those “hearts” that show up mean you value something being said which helps me know what kind of content to provide.  Feel free to message me, leave me a comment here, or email me if you have suggestions for future Periscope videos.  If you are like me and “seeing” is better than “reading”, Periscope might be for you!