Winter Break Plans

If you are like me, you fill your head with the MILLION things you want to accomplish over winter break–not to mention try to relax a little bit!  I thought it would be fun to hear what some of you want to accomplish over the next week or so…besides spending some quality time with family and friends!

Here are a few things on my list…

*Clear out the den so we can turn it into a home office.  This involves physical labor AND decision making AND office furniture shopping.  We are going to try to fit husband space and me space.  Send positive energy.  Please.

*I have about 942 product ideas!  I want to get a few of them finished.  I am working on a new line of products that are working REALLY well in my classroom this year!

*BLOG!  I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog…I’ll work on that!

*Learn Windows 8!  My new computer arrived and I haven’t even turned it on.  I have been waiting for break to get things figured out and to decide which of my 9 zillion items (photos, clip art, etc) should get moved from computer A to computer B.

*Have some friends over.  It has been a crazy few months, so I want to host some friends and just kick back a little bit.  I think New Year’s Eve is going to be one of them–last year we had some of my son’s friends and their families over and it was super nice.

*At least 4 or 5 YUCK tasks…clean fridge, clean oven, organize my closet, organize the pantry, wash the baseboards, wipe down cupboard doors, etc.  Can’t wait.  Sigh.

*Go to a movie!  One of my students gave me a $20 movie card.  We RARELY go to the movies, so that will be a nice motivation!

*Cheering on the Green Bay Packers and…apparently…SHOVELING!  Hope all of you are safe today.  We are expecting 8 inches and 30 mile per hour winds.  I know there is a huge part of our country affected by the storm so stay safe and snuggle in!

By the way…I am offering a shopping deal for the rest of today…buy any item priced at $5.00 or more and get another item of equal or lesser value free!  Thought I’d reward those of you who are planning ahead for 2014!  Just leave me a message here, on TpT, or on FB to let me know what  you bought, what you want for free, and the email you want it sent to.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Not following me in all places yet?  I do offer special deals at times on each of them!  See the nifty buttons on the right side of the blog…

But most importantly, let’s hear it!  What are a few things YOU are going to do over break?  Share in the comments and let’s compare notes!  I have a secret number written down–that person’s comment wins my “back to school” New Year’s resource!