Woe is I Jr.!

If you have ever struggled knowing the best way to teach grammar to your students, you are not only one! Whether you infuse your grammar instruction into your reading and writing units or whether you teach from a more traditional curriculum, I think it is safe to say that none of our students have mastered the English language!

Last year I came upon a clever little book that might be a fun thing to add into your instruction.  Patricia O’Connor has written a best-selling book called “Woe is I” and now has written a version for kids.
The book is written with a great sense of humor and plenty of good examples really help make our language more meaningful to students.
I pick and choose pages to read and share with my students to try to help make grammar points more clear.  Just like some students need manipulatives in math, I believe some students understand topics like this best with stories and analogies and graphics.  So . . . after sharing the information in the book about pronouns, I took the most important ideas and made it into an anchor chart for our class to use!  We then went on a “hunt” in the realistic fiction pieces we are writing now to decide if we use too many pronouns, not enough, or if we are JUST right.  Grammar can be fun–or at least not torture!
Have a great end of your week!