Biz World, End of my Year, Sales, and Book Studies!

I’m on vacation!  (Well, as on vacation as I can be with a ton of days in district this summer and the 4,302 things on my “to do” list!)  We wrapped up the year with our Biz World sale, finished reading “Wonder” on the last day (It was SO cool . . . the second to last day of school in the book was our second to last day, and the last day of Auggie’s year was our last day!).  It is always bittersweet that last day as we wave to the students while the bus caravan pulls away.

I thought I’d do a quick Biz World post to let you know how it all turned out, let you know about how the end of the school year wrapped up, remind you that my June special is still going on and my 15% off “thank you” sale ends tonight!  Whew!

So . . .

Biz World.  I had really meant to update you earlier, so you have missed a ton!  My last update had my students buying supplies to begin manufacturing.  Since that post we have . . .

  • Made prototypes and figured out the “time per piece” it would take to make more bracelets.
  • Had 3 manufacturing sessions
  • Wrote press releases about the new companies
  • Paid out salaries and rent every other day
  • Took out loans and sold more shares to the venture capitalist
  • Determined pricing, made packaging, and designed our storefronts
  • Wrote and performed TV commercials
And after all that, it was time for the big sale!  Each student was given 10 Biz Bucks to buy from the other vendors (they couldn’t buy from their own store!).  We went in rounds to make sure everything was fair–and then after the big sale we calculated the value of our stores!  We paid back  bank loans with interest, we determined the value of each share of stock, and figured out which company helped the venture capitalist the most!  All in all, it was an AMAZING experience!  I have included a few photos of these last few days to give you a little flavor of it!
Only one company had to hire a consultant–not bad!

Getting ready for the big sale–counting the inventory.

Pricing the merchandise

Organizing the store front

Rehearsing their TV commercial

Recording sales transactions


Checking out the new purchases . . . 

As you can imagine, the students were SO excited to go home on the last day of school with their new bracelets–it is an AWESOME last day of school activity!

Just a few reminders . . . my June special deal is still going strong.  A number of different people have taken advantage of it–some more than one time!  Today IS the last day for my 15% off sale at my store, so jump on over if you are looking for something in particular.  Finally, watch for the new blog post tomorrow introducing section 2 of the book study.  Jump in and comment!  I had 30 people sign up and very few comments . . . don’t be shy!  Have a great weekend!