Father’s Day, New Stuff, and More!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there!  This marks my father’s 60th Father’s Day if I am figuring correctly . . . (I am the YOUNGEST of 5, ahem).  It is a little overwhelming to think of all that he has seen and experienced in those six decades!  We love you, Dad! 

The sun is shining here, so I am hopeful we can get outside to grill, maybe take a walk, and step away from obligations for a while–and I hope you can all do the same.

Just wanted to give a little update on things!

Remember, yesterday I shared the discussion questions and days for the book study.  If you missed it, here it is again!   The Differentiated Math Classroom SECTION 2

I have added a new product to my store so there are now TWO in this set.  I may be adding third grade if it looks like there is interest . . .

I also have it for grade 4 . . . 

By the way . . . today I have a “Daily Deal” at Teacher’s Notebook.  If you are interested in my “Getting Ready for Summer Bundle”, it is 40% off there today only!  Hopefully most of you are FINISHED with school . . . but if you are teaching summer school or want to file it away for next year, it’s at a great price.

Tomorrow’s blog post is going to be all about my “Status of the Class” technique and how I keep track of my students’ reading and my anecdotal records.  I blogged about this months ago, but I have some new twists on things, so I hope you stop back to check it out!  I’m pretty excited about it–and maybe it will be helpful to you!

Have a wonderful day . . .