My Hours Are Numbered!

Tomorrow is inservice day, so my hours of classroom preparations are coming to a close.  I thought I’d share a new of my latest pics to either make you feel better about YOUR current situation or give you hope–whatever works for you!

Can’t wait to get my ipads!  They are district office now waiting to be formatted!  Saw the idea for a dish rack charging station online somewhere.  Too bad I forgot to put ipad CASES into my grant . . . found these online for about 8 bucks each.  I like that each is a different color–should be good for keeping track of things!

I don’t do a “true” CAFE situation, but I do like to start the year with it and will hang up the learning targets we introduce as a class.  I can then refer to them as I work with individuals or small groups.

OK . . . please tell me that  I am not the only one who has students interrupt while I am assessing or working with small groups.  I thought I’d try REALLY hard this year to teach the students what appropriate “emergencies” are–and then I made these not-so-subtle tents to keep by me as a reminder. 

I have a few students who have a little teeny tiny bit of learned helplessness, so I thought I’d try to build some independence with these 3 step wipe off charts.  I figure each should be able to accomplish three things on their own–even if it “Get your materials ready, solve problem number one, raise your hand.”  

I am like Captain Caveman (if you are younger than 40ish you may not even know who this is . . . pull it up on youtube.  He was my FAVORITE cartoon character as a kid) when it comes to removing stuff from my bulletin boards.  Rather than be delicate during the process, I just sweep my turbo magnet over my floor when I am finished and VOILA!

My two latest book bins–one where students and guests can place books they recommend (I’m making some bookmarks for them to fill out to put in the book first) so students needing new books have a place to “shop”.  I also am TERRIBLE about books needing repair and they end up all over.  Hopefully this will make things easier!  I am REALLY hoping a parent helper will be in charge of my book hospital this year!

Check out how I attached the signs–brass fasteners!  Worked like a charm!

Meet the teacher day is Thursday, so I wanted to get a “wish list” ready.  I think it turned out ok . . . I didn’t want it to get overlooked in all the commotion.  I’ll hang it right next to–

–my parent volunteer sign up!  We’ll see what kind of help I can get this year!

So there you have it!  A few more accomplishments off the list.  I have ordered bunches of copies, put up some temporary bulletin boards, and started to officially panic! Hope all of you are in a good place–whether you are still getting ready frantically or are starting to get settled in. More updates soon!