Open Ended Math Challenges–Bundled for YOU!

OK…you asked for it–and it’s here!
By POPULAR REQUEST! I have been asked many times to bundle my “Thinker Task” open ended math challenges–and I have finally done it! This is a “growing” bundle…which means that right now it has all 6 of the current Thinker Tasks…but as I add more to the collection, they will be added to the bundle…so people who own the bundle will have access to all updates. Is it going to be on sale? YEP! Feel free to take a peek…if you only own one or two, it may still be worth the investment.

Not sure what these are all about?  Here are a few links to blog posts where I shared about a few of them…
or even THIS ONE
Coming up?  A cell phone problem and a bake sale problem!
Want to take a peek?  Click the image below too see the bundle.  
Don’t forget…this and ALL my other resources are on sale today and tomorrow!  Use the promo code “THANKYOU”…and I really really mean it when I say that I appreciate you and your support more than you will ever know.
Want to see more?  Click the SALE image above to go right to my store.


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