So much to celebrate!

It’s been a wild ride over the last year or so, but today is kind of a fun day for me! In the last week I have hit 300,000 page views on my lil old blog…reached 1500 followers on Facebook…created several new products (so many more in the works!)…and had my “sixteenth 29th” birthday!  That’s right…today is my BIRTHDAY and I am celebrating in a number of ways!

1.  I am treating my students to homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting–the lightest, fluffiest frosting EVER.  I will only make 1 1/2 batches so I do not lick the bowl TOO much.  Making a pan of Tollhouse cookie bars.  Sigh. Ran out of time.

2.  I will load up my birthday present TO MYSELF with apps and the books I have been yearning to read.  Welcome to the family, Little One!

3.  Treat myself to a LARGE sized portion of Noodles and Company parmesan chicken pesto cavatappi.  That’s right–the LARGE size.  Don’t judge.  It’s my birthday.

4.  Go to school…give my students choice time in the library…do an “angle art” project for fun…chill at home…do a little school work…work a little on my matter and chemistry unit…and snuggle in my newest favorite socks.  It really is the little things in life, right?

5.  SHARE THE FUN WITH YOU!  To celebrate how much I appreciate all of you bearing with my wordy blog posts, my blurry photos, my ramblings and musings…I’ve decided to have a little fun.  First of all, I’ve made my Valentine’s products 50% off for the day AND have turned a set of winter word problem task cards into a freebie until 11:00 PM central.  If you don’t own it–GRAB IT!

FREE today!

50% off today!

Hope everyone has a great day!  I’ll have a piece of cake for you!