Why doesn’t my brain ever turn off?

I know I’m not the only one. How many of you wake up in the middle the night with your brain racing? How many of you are in the middle of one idea when another pops into your head and you must immediately go act on it?  You have post its on your post its with books to read, places to go, things to buy, people to call?  PLEASE tell me it isn’t just me!

I feel like I am on a constant quest to slow my brain down so I can get just one thing done well! So… as always… I go on a quest for the magical office supply that will make organization easy for me. Certainly a new notebook or binder will help, right?  Maybe a new bin?  Stacking trays?

Well . . . here is the latest edition to my “I’ll buy a new product in a feeble attempt to get organized” family.

Isn’t it cute?  I started a new page for each product idea I have had floating around on post its, old envelopes, and just in my mind.  CERTAINLY this will help me be organized, right?  
My goal for the end of the weekend is to have organized our huge pile to take to Goodwill, to go through another pile of papers, and to get all my “stuff” ready so that I can finish my report cards Monday night.  Anybody have any goals for the second half of the weekend?  I’m trying to tap into my inner “Lynn” from Fun in the Fours who spent the better part of last week TOTALLY reorganizing her classroom.  My classroom is a mess too–but I need to get a few things under control here at home so I can work on the fun stuff–my blog!  
Words of encouragement or snacks are welcome!